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Episode 12: "Where are "springs" used in a car?" (No.7)

Hello, everyone!
The long hot summer is coming to an end, and you must return to work.

This is the last article about where springs are used in cars.
PIOLAX elasticity (spring) products are used mainly in the: (1) Fuel system, (2) Drive system, (3) Open/close mechanisms, (4) Fasteners, (5) Harnesses, (6) Precision parts, and (7) Clamp parts.

Today, I am going to chat about clamp parts used to hold hoses to metal pipes, etc. firmly and tightly.

The various types of liquid fuel is used in a car to run an engine, for example, gasoline fuel, engine oil, power steering oil, lubricating oil such as automatic fluid (ATF), window washer fluid, and coolant fluid used to remove heat from engine oil.

These liquid fuels flow, fixing a metal pipe and/or rubber hose, into each part within an engine room.

Clamp parts are available mainly in two types, plate clamps and screw clamps.

The plate clamp has its reaction force (force to hold). With the force, even if a hose deteriorates due to heat exposure, the plate clamp can fix a joint (the deteriorated hose and a pipe). Some plate clamps are factory-designed to be unfastened but fix (hold) itself firmly just when it is set to a given part just by removing a holder with pliers, etc. This type of clamp improves workability as it can be applied by only one action.

Recently, holder-less clamp is becoming mainstream. This is environmentally- and economically- friendly because it has a mechanism in which a plate clamp remains unfastened, so the clamp can be used just by holding with pliers to fix a hose using its reaction force.

On the other, screw clamp has a bolt, nut, or a worm screw at the joint ring. By screwing, rubber hoses can be fixed. The screw clamp is useful to prevent hoses from slipping especially when the fluid pressure in the hose is low.

"Oh, that thing!" Maybe you have seen it when you opened the bonnet.
Clamp are widely used in cars like fasteners (Episode 9) and harnesses (Episode 10), as I have introduced.

Well, that's all for today.
I have talked about "springs" used mainly for a car in a series titled "Where are "springs" used in a car?"
I will talk about "springs" more familiar to you from the next time. See you.

Written by Banekko (a child of spring)