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Episode 11: "Where are "springs" used in a car?" (No.6)

Hello everyone.
The rainy season has begun in Japan. I wonder whether other countries have a similar rainy season, I doubt they have. During this season, everything gets damp and makes me unpleasant. But this rainy season is important for cultivation of vegetables and crops, and we shall give thanks to the rainy season.
After the rainy season is over, the hot summer will be here with thunderhead clouds rising against a blue sky.
Do you have any plans for the summer? If you go by car, please remember to drive safely .

This is article six in our series about where springs are used in cars.
PIOLAX springs are used mainly in the Fuel system, (2) Drive system, (3) Open/close mechanisms, (4) Fasteners, (5) Harnesses, (6) Precision parts, and (7) Clamp parts.

Today, we will take a brief look at (6) Precision parts.

Many people know that precision parts are used for watches and electronic products, but some people may wonder, "Why? Where in a car are they used?".
Precision parts cover metal parts, resin parts, and both-combined.

Metal parts include brackets that fix harnesses and connectors, hinges used for console lid and luggage board, retainers that fix wheel caps, and tension coil springs and torsion coil springs.

Resin parts, on the other, include injection-molded articles for automotive interior/exterior, and combined parts of metal and resin include parts for sun visors and the luggage board steering wheel.

It may be a little difficult, so I just briefly explain where they are used.


Parts to fix/lock wirings and connectors (junction) in a car.


Lids and opening/closing parts of dashboards and center console boxes (between driver's seat and passenger seat). Terrible if the opening/closing parts rattle or the lid does not fit!


Parts to easily but securely fix wheel caps.


Coil springs (they must be precise like other coil springs) .

PIOLAX is one of a few manufacturers in the world, of both metal and resin automotive parts. Isn't this great?

Next time, I shall talk about (7) Clamp parts.
See you!

Written by Banekko (a child of spring)