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Episode 6: "Where are "springs" used in a car?" (No.1)

Hello, everyone. In Japan, we have a long holiday called "Golden Week holiday", and we can really enjoy the changing seasons from spring to early summer.
During the Golden Week holiday, the roads are clogged with cars and people going to/ returning from the resorts . Nonetheless, unlike trains, driving to the resorts makes you feel so pleasant and enjoyable with your family, and on top of that, the car is very convenient; you can go directly where you want when you want.

Now, today's theme is "where are "springs" used in a car?".
I hope fathers who are tired out from driving for a long time during the Golden Week holiday will join us to learn about the theme.

Main products of PIOLAX, most of those are manufactured using elasticity, include (1) fuel system, (2) drive system, (3) open/close mechanisms, (4) fasteners, (5) harnesses, (6) precision parts, and (7) clamp parts. Today, I will talk about the fuel system.

Fuel system springs playing an important role in security

Products in the "fuel system" include valves, tubes, connectors, filters used in the fuel tank and the surrounding parts. You usually do not see these products if you are not engaging in car manufacturing or car maintenance. These fuel system products play a very important role in ensuring your driving safety and security.

For example, when putting gasoline in a car, you open the filler cap and insert the filler nozzle, and gasoline rushes through the nozzle. By the time the tank is almost filled up, it seems that the nozzle will collide violently with the gasoline in the tank and the gasoline burst out from the filler cap, ---- but it's not going to happen. Do you know why? That's right! In the filler cap, backflow valve is installed to prevent the gasoline from running out.

In the gas tank, too…

Do you think that the inside of the gasoline tank is just "hollow"?
In fact, the tube is also installed in the tank. The temperature change, etc. around the fuel tank cause the pressure in the tank to increase or decrease. At this time, when the tank is sealed, it may expand or collapse. To prevent this, a "passage" is needed that connects the inside and outside of the tank to let the pressure out.

But, with the passage alone, fuel runs out, and so valves to prevent fuel leakage or to maintain the optimum pressure are incorporated in this passage. As you may have noticed, springs are used in these valves. In addition, the tube used as the passage has a connection part called "connector", in most cases, the tube and connector are used together. Elastic springs are also applied to the connector, and so the connector can be clicked connect without a tool. This method, for example, prevents screws from loosening due to the rumbling cars or age and use (in this case, in fact, screw does not loosen because no screws are used). This method, between you and me, reduces the assembly time in a plant.

Well, that's all for today.
Whew, I find it difficult to tell how products are usually used in places not seen.
So I hope you can somehow understand where springs are used and what roles they play.

Next time, I'd like to talk about products in the "drive system". Don't miss it!

Written by Banekko (a child of spring)