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Pay & Welfare


Initial salary
For the initial salary, look up "Recruiting".
Pay raise: once a year; Bonus; twice a year
Commuting expenses paid in full amount
Other allowance: Overwork, family, housing, position, special job, skills


Annual holidays
Two day-off a week (Saturday and Sunday)
Long holidays (Golden Week holiday, summer and year-end holiday)
Number of annual holidays: 121 days

Annual paid vacation
Congratulation or condolence leave
Also "refresh" leave, "breakpoint" leave, and sick leave are available.
Insurance and others
Employment insurance, worker's compensation insurance,
health insurance, and employee pension.
Asset building savings, car financing, and loan
for employees are also available.
Company housing
SI apartment
A studio apartment suitable for a person who likes cooking.
You will feel relaxed with a little richer feeling.
Housings for transferred employees are fully provided.
Recreation facilities

  • ▲ Appi Plateau Grand Villa 2

  • ▲ Harvest Club Amagi Plateau

Tokyu Harvest Club
  • Nasu
  • Kyukaruizawa
    / Kyukaruizawa annex
  • Shizunami Beach
  • Nanki-tanabe
  • Tateshina
  • Kinugawa River
  • Myojin-daira, Hakone
  • Amagi Plateau
  • Lake Hamana
  • Katsuura
  • 28 places in Japan including Kyoto.
Fujita Tourist Ludens Club,

Hakone-Kowakien, Ito-Kowakien, etc.
170 places in Japan including

  • Yunoko hotel, Oku-Nikko
  • Koine hotel, Minami-izu
  • Yufuin Tatsumi inn