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"Springs" includes not only familiar coil-shape spring but also all other products as long as elasticity is used. For example, fasteners and clips for car interior and engine peripherals are springs with plastic elasticity.
We offer 1,600 products. Your role will be to make drawings mainly using 3D CAD and meet with clients.


Research and development

PIOLAX's core technology is "elasticity." Your job will be to research and develop elasticity of, not only metals but also plastic, gas and liquid. Our air dampers, which use gas elasticity, hold the top share in the world market. If any problem is found in a product, you will perform various tests to identify the cause.

Production engineering

Your task will involve designing molds and starting up production equipment required for production in a plant. PIOLAX makes its own production equipment.

Quality control

Check whether manufactured products satisfy the design standards. This job includes suggesting measures if products fail to meet the standards.


Our products are used in a wide range of fields, such as automobiles, OA equipment and consumer products industries.
The sales job requires introducing those products to clients and receiving orders. Working closely with the design team and other related teams, you will make product proposals to customers to receive orders.


You will be responsible for purchasing materials and products required for production of our products. You will make purchasing plans according to the production schedule for prototypes and products, and coordinate and negotiate with suppliers about price, quantity and delivery terms.

Message to students

What we would like you to remember, regardless the department you are assigned to, is that "our products are the technology that can be used in any place in the world." This means we can contribute to society by making efforts through our work, technology and products.
We will not demand your good idea soon after you join us, but you can make use of your idea wherever you work. We hope you will develop your skills and experiences together with us.