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Recruitment message

We are looking for people who think from a global perspective.

Thank you for your interest in our company.
PIOLAX develops designs and produces various parts and products using "Elasticity" technology. These parts and products are incorporated in various equipment, such as automobiles and those used in medical fields and daily life. The wide line-up of products of the PIOLAX Group that are handled in large volumes, form an intrinsic part of the equipment they are incorporated in.
With the advancing trend of globalization in most industries, the PIOLAX Group is also no exception showing a year-on-year growth in the overseas business ratio.
In these circumstances, from a global perspective, the growth of our business can only be attributed to the development and foresight of the PIOLAX Group, united in its quest of global expansion.
PIOLAX was named from the words "PIONEER", "ELASTICITY" and "X" meaning infinity.
The future of any company is shaped by its "People". Our human resource development is working to develop the spirit of pioneers of elasticity in our employees and enabling them to perform to their best abilities within the organization while utilizing their personality traits and attributes thus making them capable of working in various departments and shaping their careers. The field is steadily expanding to a global level.
We would like to have people who share our global vision of contributing to the world through the work we do. Let us build the future of the PIOLAX Group together!