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Medical Appliances

Spiral catheters and stenting technology----our "elastic body micro processing technology" has led to a significant breakthrough in blood vessel and endoscopic treatments.

In an aging society, "patient-friendly" medical devices that can be used for treatment even when a patient has lost his/her physical strength is required.
We devise, develop, manufacture and sell advanced medical devices used for blood vessel treatment with catheters or endoscopic treatment, which do not require surgery.

Spiral catheter

The spiral catheter we have developed is equipped with spiral shape-memory alloy in its tip.
As the spiral tip can be attached to the blood vessel wall, it does not move even when it is left close to an affected area.
This allows continuous administration of strong medicines, such as anticancer drugs, only to the affected area.

Spiral catheter

In addition, since the spiral catheter applies our unique coating technology, it generates an excellent slipping property when having a contact with normal saline solution or blood, which allows an easier reach to the effected area.
Furthermore, the catheter has an antithrombogenicity in blood.
Because the coating is produced from industrially synthesized materials, the catheter can be used safely without any risk of infection (BSE and other virus diseases) conveyed by organic bodies.


Stenting is to expand blood vessels, trachea, or gastrointestinal tract, etc. that has narrowed because of, for example, cancer.
A stent is an equipment to be left in a patient's body to improve flow of blood, air or digestive fluid. For PIOLAX's stents, shape-memory alloy is micro processed and is assembled with the "delivery system" before being supplied to medical staff, so that they can reach a stent to the affected area using an endoscope or other equipment.


PIOLAX has been developing medical equipment, such as catheters and stents as shown above, in collaboration with physicians, medical universities and medical companies.
Also, we select materials for medical products as strictly as for automotive parts, such as stainless steel, shape-memory alloy (Ni-Ti), and plastic.

For details of medical appliances, please refer to the website of the PIOLAX MEDICAL DEVICES, INC.

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