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No.2017_01 [ May 19, 2017 ]

New design team starts on 3rd April 2017 in Gurgaon, India! We celebrate the opening with our neighbour companies and Piolax Japan, Thailand and Indonesia on web.

First of all, let me explain about us, Piolax India North team. We open its sales office in the year 2015 fall at Jamalpur. Initially we started with only two people as sales and are supported design issues by Piolax Thailand design team.


This office was an initiative to support and effectively approach the customer in North India area specially Delhi NCR as much as possible. It was located in remote area near the warehouse and far from some of the main our customers. At that time we faced many issues and were not able to focus on our core work.
Distance towards our main customer was approx. 40kms to 100kms. The distance is not surprise. But here in India, we need about 1 to 3 hours driving for the distance.

So, in January 2016 we successfully shifted our office to the main road named MG Road in Centre Gurgaon to come closer to our customers and to overcome problems we were facing in Jamalpur. After moving, we can focus on our core work i.e. track our customer for upcoming models and proposing new parts, getting in touch with the engineering department of the customer and try to give them solution against their requirements etc. But, While working for more than a year we realised the need of local design team to be set up based on the customer feedback and the potential in the North Indian market.


Again, PIOLAX INDIA is very glad to announce that we have opened a Design team in Gurgaon on 3rd April 2017 which will help in aggressively increasing the sales.

Number of staff members now increased to four and we get larger room in the same floor. The opening ceremony was done at the office and neighbour companies working were also invited.
Some of attendees give us encourage speech. We are so happy to get the appreciation from all the attendees.

Our Design team initially support local operations of Piolax India. In future they have a plan to support Asian region and then all over the Globe. We look forward to great success of this new design team.

May 19, 2017


Special Correspondent in India: H