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Mother’s day at PIOLAX Mexicana

No.2016_04 [ June 29, 2016 ]

Mother's day at PIOLAX Mexicana

Since 1922 Mother's day is celebrated on May 10th in Mexico. What started as a simple proposal in a local newspaper has become one of the biggest holidays in our country.
Mexican families are very close and on this day they usually get together to celebrate all the mothers in one big celebration.

It is common to have a nice lunch or dinner to honor them and serenades in the early morning (1 am) with traditional Mariachi.

Mother's day in Mexico is a special holiday because it is not just a day to spend with your mother and give her flowers and chocolates, but also a day to be grateful for life and enjoy as a family.

The tradition also includes festivals at schools where students can sing and dance, recite poems, prepare acts for their mothers and give them handmade gifts.

In PIOLAX Mexicana we share these traditions and join the celebration with a lunch for all the Mothers. Our Associate representative and a member of the Business Support department prepare a Carne Asada (barbeque), typical food of Monterrey city. To make this day more special, we play "Las Mañanitas", a traditional Mexican song used for birthdays and serenades and we hold a raffle where all mothers can participate and the give away ceremony is held on the same day.

  • Mother's day at PIOLAX Mexicana
  • Mother's day at PIOLAX Mexicana
  • Mother's day at PIOLAX Mexicana
  • Mother's day at PIOLAX Mexicana


June 29, 2016


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