Oct. Inauguration of business

"Kato Hatsujo Seisakusho" founded by Saburo Kato, age of 22, in Honjo, Kikukawa-cho, Tokyo, with five employees.

Mar. Moved to Yokohama

The head plant was moved to Iwai-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi. Became the only specialized manufacturer of springs in Kanagawa prefecture. 13 employees.

Mar. Started business with Ford Japan Ltd.

Prototype parts were delivered through Ford Japan to Ford Motor Company in the U.S. They passed the strict specification tests and started to be supplied as genuine Ford parts.

Jan. Established the Second Plant

Obtained a loan, for the first time, from the Industrial Bank of Japan (present Mizuho Corporate Bank).

Sep. Incorporated as a joint-stock corporation

Kato Hatsujo Co., Ltd. was established with capital of 100,000 yen (300 million yen in terms of present value).

Mar. Established Osaka Branch Office

Established a sales base in Asahi-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka.

Jun. Established Yokohama Plant

The demand of springs rapidly grew. Established a new plant in the site of 6,600 m2 in Kariba-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi.

Jul. Won the Prime Minister's Prize for Safety Contributors

The only winner among the medium to small sized companies throughout Japan.

Oct. Established Totsuka Plant

Established a light-gauge-steel one-story plant of 635 m2 at the site of 3,300 m2 in Kamiyabe-cho industry complex, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi.

Mar. Introduced "In-house Skill Test System" for the first time in the spring industry

175 candidates were examined for the first test. The pass rate was 89%.

Oct. Established a tie-up with a U.K. fastener manufacturer

Technical tie-up with FT Fasteners Inc. (present TRW Inc.). Manufactured plastic fasteners for the first time as a spring manufacturer.

Oct. Established Moka Plant

Established a large plant of 3,000 m2 equipped with modern equipment.

Oct. Received inquiries from overseas companies

Established the Overseas Department in June of the year. Concluded an annual export contract with GE Company and Cumins Engine Company in the U.S. French Spring Association visited PIOLAX.

Oct. Established the first Japan-U.S. joint venture

Established K.P. Products Corporation as a joint venture with Peterson American Corporation, a major US spring manufacturer.

Feb. Completed the construction of a new head office building as the 40th anniversary memorial project

9-story building in Iwai-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi. 600 employees. Annual sales of 6 billion yen.

Apr. Started establishing sales bases throughout Japan

Following capital increase to 240 million yen, sales bases started to be established in major cities.

May. Established Kyushu Plant

According with the operation start of Kyushu Plant of Nissan Motor, a new plant was established in Iizuka industrial complex in Kaho-gun, Fukuoka.

Sep. Started to work toward practical application of shape-memory alloy

Through collaborative development with Furukawa Electric and TOYO LIVING, shape-memory alloy was applied to open/close springs for industrial automatic dry warehouses.

Sep. The 50th anniversary of foundation

Held a celebration ceremony.

Jun. Kazuhiko Kato acceded as President (age 44)

Saburo Kato, founder and former president, acceded as the chairman of the board of directors.

Nov. Established KHK of America Inc. in Illinois, U.S. (moved to Michigan in Aug, 1988)

New strategies were launched to prepare for abrupt appreciation of the yen.

Jul. Started business in Asia

Established a joint venture "PIOLAX of Taiwan Inc." with "San Long Industrial Co., Ltd", a Taiwanese resin maker.

Mar. Received Nissan Quality Control (NQC) Award

Participated in Nissan Quality Control (NQC) activities and won the award.

May. Started local production in U.S.

Established "Piolax Corporation" in Canton, Georgia, U.S. Started the production of metal springs for home electric appliances and automobiles.

Jan. Established KHK Sales Co., Ltd.

Established a sales subsidiary to provide better sales and service for small-lot customers.

Nov. Established S.T.K. Co., Ltd.

Established for production of metallic and plastic products in Annaka-shi, Gunma.

Nov. Completed the construction of the second plant in U.S.

Started manufacturing plastic fasteners for automobiles in Canton, Georgia, U.S. Shifted from export to local production.

Oct. Established a joint venture in Kyushu

Established K & K Co., Ltd., with KATAKEN SEIKO Co., Ltd., a mold manufacturer for precision metal parts, in Higashi-kunisaki-gun, Oita.

Oct. Established Shonan Logistic Center, a large-scale distribution base

Consolidated eight warehouses and distribution bases around Kanagawa and Shizuoka to Ohi-cho, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa.

Jul. Changed the company name to "Kato Hatsujo Inc."

Annual sales: 35 billion yen.

Oct. Established KHK of UK Ltd., a fully funded sales base in London

Became a center to expand business in Europe.

Apr. Introduction of stock

Listed as over-the-counter stock. Capital: 2,623,25million yen.

Aug. Established the first production base in Europe

Jointly established Piolax Ltd. with Reefa, a British resin maker in Lancashire, U.K.

Oct. Changed the company name to the present "PIOLAX, Inc."

Established the Medical Appliance Division.

Jun. Established a plant in South Korea

Established "PIOLAX Co., Ltd.", a joint venture with "SAN YUNG TRADING Co., Ltd.", a South Korean chemical product trading company.

Sep. Established Technical Center.

Consolidated Design and R&D divisions in Kariba-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi. Approx 200 employees.

Apr. Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Three years after registered as over-the-counter stock.

Oct. Started operation in Fuji Plant, a new production base

Established a newest plant in Fujikawa-cho, Ihara-gun, Shizuoka. Started business with Toyota.

Dec. Established West Japan Center

Consolidated distribution bases in Hiroshima and Kyushu to Kanda-cho, Miyako-gun, Fukuoka.

Apr. Split off the medical appliance business

Piolax Medical Devices, Inc. was established. Totsuka Kasei Co. Ltd., Hodogaya Hatsujo Co., Ltd., and S.T.K. Co., Ltd. were merged to S.T.K. Co., Ltd.

Oct. Established P.M.T. Inc.

Improved efficiency by promoting in-house production of molds for injection molding.

Mar. Constructed a new plant in U.K.

Established Piolax Ltd. near Manchester.

Jul. Obtained "ISO9001:1994" certification, quality management standard

Also won the "Excellent Company Award" from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Aug. Established a new subsidiary in Thailand

Established Piolax (Thailand) Ltd. in order to reinforce business in Asia.

Dec. Reinforced U.S. bases

KHK of America Inc. founded in 1986 and Piolax Corporation founded in 1988 were merged with bases in Michigan and Georgia.

Dec. Established a new plant in Mexico

Started the operation in PIOLAX, S.A. de C.V.

Mar. Comprehensive business alliance including capital participation with Saga Tekkosho Co., Ltd.

Concluded a business cooperation agreement in accordance with the Nissan Revival Plan.

Aug. Obtained QS9000 certification, international quality standard

It allowed PIOLAX to meet the requirement of U.S. Big 3.

Dec. Established P.S.T. Inc.

Expanded press working and production of pressed metal products.

Apr. Introduced SBU system

Classified business fields into six units and introduced the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) system to improve the profit-earning capacity.

Apr. Obtained "ISO14001:1996" certification, environment management system standard

Further promoted the efforts toward an environment-conscious company.

May. Changed the company name of a subsidiary

Changed the company name "S.T.K. Co., Ltd". to "PIOLAX Harness Fastening Systems, Inc."

Oct. Promoted spin-off the company

PIOLAX OC Systems Co., Ltd. was spun off into a separate company for the purpose of improving the capacity for developing, manufacturing and selling open/close mechanical parts for automobiles. Also, PIOLAX Business Service Co., Ltd. was spun off to undertake accounting, personnel and administration work.

Jul. Obtained "ISO9001:2000" certification, quality management system standard

Aug. Established a base in China

DONGGUAN PIOLAX Co., Ltd. was established in Guangdong, China, with investment of 51% by PIOLAX, 25% by San Lon Industrial Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, and 24% by PIOLAX of Taiwan Inc.

Sep. Celebrated the 70th anniversary of founding. Established a base in France


Sep. Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Aug. Established P.N.S. INC.

Oct. Merged with PIOLAX OC SYSTEMS Co., Ltd.


Apr. Obtained "ISO14001:2004" certification, environmental management system standard.

Aug. Obtained "ISO/TS16949:2002" certification, international automotive industry standard.


Apr. P.N.S. INC merged with SANKYO HATSUJO CO., LTD.

May. The new ERP system to "visual" business is operating company wide.

Oct. PIOLAX KYUSHU was established in October, 2007.


Apr. PIOLAX MEDICAL DEVICES, INC., our consolidated subsidiary obtained all of SOLUTION's stocks. Merged with SOLUTION on April 1, 2010.

Apr. Cancelled the merger agreement with KHK OF TAIWAN, INC., an equity method affiliate.

Dec. Established a new subsidiary in India.

Established a sales subsidiary on the assumption that we would establish a production base for sales expansion in the automobile market in India.

Dec. PIOLAX LTD. (U.K.) merged with PIOLAX


Jul. Established PIOLAX MEXICANA S.A. de C.V. PM in Apodaca, Mexico.


Jul. Established a new subsidiary in Indonesia.

Nov. Established a consolidated subsidiary as a second production base in Wuhan City Hubei, China.


Sep. Moved PIOLAX CO., LTD. (South Korea) to a new plant (Incheon, South Korea)


Feb. Completed a new plant dedicated to medical device manufacturing for PIOLAX MEDICAL DEVICES, INC. (Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi).


Oct. Merged with P.S.T. INC. (short form merger)


Apr. Obtained "ISO14001:2015" certification, environmental management system standard.
(Corresponding office )


Jul. Obtained "IATF16949:2016" certification, international automobile industry special committee standard. (Corresponding office )


Jan. Established SHANGHAI PIOLAX CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China.


Feb. Established a representative office in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Apr. Moved the Head Office from Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama to Nishi-ku, Yokohama.

Apr. Moved from the First Section to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.