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Inauguration of PIOLAX INDIA Expansion Unit (Phase-II)

■No.2016_05 [ July 21, 2016 ]

PIOLAX INDIA was the first Auto Components manufacturer at the Integrated Business City “SRICITY” located near Tada, Andhra Pradesh. PIOLAX INDIA serves India’s most leading customers such as Renault Nissan, Maruthi Suzuki, Honda, Ford etc. PIOLAX established its manufacturing facility at Sricity in December 2009.

Considering its sales which were been gradually increasing from its beginning time and to achieve those sales and to fulfill the customer needs PIOLAX INDIA was in need of developing its manufacturing capacity which led to its expansion.

We have done the ground breaking ceremony for our new construction on 26th October 2015. One of the major units in the construction field, Fujitha Corporation has under taken the construction of PIOLAX INDIA Phase – II.

All the employees of Fujitha Corporation kept all their efforts and worked heart fully to complete the expansion by May 2016 which was the deadline to complete it. But due to some unexpected reasons such as Worst weather resulting in floods in the months of November & December 2015, somehow the construction was delayed. Though it has taken time PIOLAX INDIA appreciates Fujitha Corporation for completing the Phase – II construction as soon as possible in the opposite weather conditions by keeping all its efforts with great enthusiasm.

Finally PIOLAX INDIA expanded plant was completed. We have inaugurated our new factory on 6th July 2016. The President of PIOLAX INC presided over the function and The Managing Director of PIOLAX INDIA facilitated over the function. All our Customers, Suppliers & the people from other neighbor companies at Sricity came to our Opening Ceremony to take part in our happiness.

As per the Indian Tradition, we have arranged Pooja by 9:30 AM. Respecting the Indian Tradition, our President & Managing Director had done the Pooja praying the Indian God & Goddess to give a great future and prosperity ahead to the PIOLAX INDIA and all its employees.

To improve the greenery and also as a symbol of our happiness on this wonderful occasion our President & Managing Director planted a tree in the lawn at PIOLAX INDIA hoping that as the growth of the tree PIOLAX INDIA sales also to be gradually increased day by day which makes PIOLAX INDIA and all its employees more and more profitable.

After the plantation, we have taken all our guests at the inauguration for a factory tour. We have divided the guests into 3 teams which were led by 2 of our Production Managers and Deputy Manager Quality. 3 of them explained the guests our production process and also clarified all their queries about our processes and the products manufactured by us.

Completing the factory tour all of us gathered at our new canteen for an official meeting. The Managing Director of PIOLAX INDIA took up the responsibility as the Meeting Coordinator. First of all he has thanked all the guests at our inauguration for their participation and also for the gifts from them with their best wishes & compliments. The Managing Director of PIOLAX INDIA given his small presentation specially done for the inauguration representing PIOLAX INDIA and mentioning its expansion need, process, Sales and parts manufactured.

At the time of presenting sales of PIOLAX INDIA Managing Director invited The General Manager of ISUZU MORTORS INDIA PVT LTD which is one of our Customers and also the neighborhood company to address the gathering on behalf of all our customers and the companies in Sricity.

After the sales, he has explained the Expansion process of PIOLAX INDIA at this time he wanted The Senior Director of Fujitha Corporation to give his valuable speech on the behalf of Fujitha Corporation.

Both of them had given their speech in Japanese Language. Meant Congratulating PIOLAX INDIA for its development and hoping all the success ahead.

After their speeches Managing Director thanked the Sricity management for allotting their space to establish the PIOLAX INDIA Manufacturing facility at Sricity. At this moment he has invited the Managing Director of Sricity to address the gathering. He memorized all the moments when the PIOLAX Management approached them to establish their Manufacturing facility at Sricity. He has also told that Sricity management was very happy to participate in the Opening Ceremony of PIOLAX INDIA Phase II and also thanked PIOLAX for choosing Sricity to establish their factory.

With all their best compliments and wishes guests came for the inauguration hoped that PIOLAX INDIA must reach all the maximum heights and expand all their establishments all over India.

Succeeding to all these speeches our Managing Director invited The President of PIOLAX INC to speak a few words addressing the gathering. The President meant that the Management of PIOLAX is very happy for this development in India. He had also congratulated PIOLAX INDIA at this wonderful occasion.

Completing the official meeting all the guests have gone for an official lunch specially arranged for the inauguration. All of them enjoyed doing lunch together which really builds up the interaction among all.

We have issued some small gifts to all the guests visited the inauguration of our expanded plant as the token of our happiness & gratitude.

PIOLAX INDIA employees are also issued small gifts on this happiest moment.

On this occasion of inaugurating our expanded plant, we the employees at PIOLAX INDIA will work wholeheartedly with the greatest unity among us for the success and the better yields of PIOLAX INDIA.


July 21, 2016


Special Correspondent in India: J